ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring Coming Soon!

ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring Node

Beneifits of Soil Moisture Monitoring

ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring in FieldMonitoring soil moisture helps you make the best decision possible when it comes to knowing when and how much water to apply to your crops.

Soil Moisture Monitoring:

  • Maximize the yield potential of your field
  • Reduce water and energy usage
  • Better manage water resources
  • Minimize crop stress


ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring Advantage

ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring Relay Map

More Knowledge, Less Expense

Knowing when to water and how much just got easier and more cost effective. Reinke’s ReinSense Smart Network gives you the knowledge you need to make the best irrigation decisions.

  • Create a Smart Network with up to 12 Smart Node locations
  • Each Smart Node location can be equipped with up to 3 WATERMARK® soil moisture monitoring probes
  • Solar-powered Smart Nodes make installation and maintenance quick and easy
  • Can cut subscriptions fees by up to 90% by using the Smart Node radio technology that creates an in-field radio network which communicates the data to a base station cutting down the need for multiple data plans.

ReinSense Soil Moisture Monitoring Interface

  • Reinke's easy-to-use ReinCloud system provides the most up-to-date data available for your field
  • Receive accurate data every 30 minutes within the system
  • Receive custom alerts on your computer or smart phone


What ReinSense Components Do You Need?



Select The Number of Smart Node Locations

The number of Smart Node locations may vary depending on your operation. It is common to monitor soil moisture within the majority soil type of your field, and at varying depths. However, you may want to monitor other locations as well. You may have up to 12 Smart Node locations within your ReinSense Smart Network.









Configure Your Smart Node Location

  • Choose Your Field Sensors
    • Up to three WATERMARK® Soil Moisture Sensors in lengths of 18”, 30”, or 42” per Smart Node
    • Up to one WATERMARK® temperature sensor per Smart Node
    • Up to one rain gauge per node
    • Up to one IRROMETER switching gauge per Smart Node
  • Choose Your Smart Nodes
    • Up to 12 Smart Nodes per network
    • Customize your network by selecting the number of Relay or End Nodes






Select Your Data Collection Method

  • Choose from:
    • Automatically collect data through a Cellular Gateway (GSM) hosted by Reinke’s ReinCloud Service
    • Manually collect data in the field using a ReinSense Hand-held Logger and upload data through a personal computer to Reinke’s ReinCloud Service
    • Automatically collect data through a personal computer and an internet connection hosted by Reinke’s ReinCloud Service

Take Advantage of the Power of Soil Moisture Monitoring

Conveniently access your ReinSense Smart Node Location Data anytime, anywhere, and begin making the best irrigation decisions possible.