Reinke Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

The Only VRI System with a Prescription (Rx) you can SEE at the Panel!

Reinke was the “First” to successfully introduce GPS technology into the control and management of centerpivot irrigation systems in 2002. Reinke was also the “First” to introduce touch screen technology to the pivotirrigation industry in 2009. Now Reinke is the “First” in the industry to integrate variable rate irrigation (VRI)with Touch Screen control and ‘end-of-system’ GPS. If you already have a Reinke Touch Screen control paneland Navigator GPS, you can get started using VRI without any additional components.

Optimize Water Distribution!  Maximize Every Plant's Potential!

Whether for a variety of crops in the same field, rolling terrain, difficult soils, drainage issues, or changes in climate, Reinke VRI gives you the ability to apply precise amounts of water to meet every plant’s need.

Reinke VRI can improve crop yield over the entire field, minimize runoff and deep percolation, and increase the efficiency of applied chemicals all while conserving our most precious natural resource, water!

Reinke also provides the capability of using multiple irrigation prescriptions for each field that can be easily changed so you can adjust to changing water needs throughout the season.

Bottom line, there's never been a better way to efficiently apply water and maximize every plant's potential!


Reinke VRI Provides Precision Applications for:

Illustration shows how the pivot path translates into a scan and then into a VRI Rx.

0  Soil

0  Crop

0  Slope

0  Drought

0  Rain Events

0  Poor Drainage

0  Many Other Field Characteristics

Features of the Reinke VRI System:

  • View Full-color display of the VRI Prescription (Rx) on the RPM Touch Screen control panel
  • System Position is indicated within the Rx During Operation
  • Upload and Store Several Rxs on the RPM Touch Screen control panel via USB flash drive
  • Two Separate Rxs can Run at the Same time – 1 for Forward and 1 for Reverse
  • Easily Validate Prescription is Running as Programmed
  • Unprecedented Accuracy of System Location and Control with  Navigator GPS
  • VRI Precision to one tenth of a degree with Pivot systems
  • VRI Precision in one foot increments with Lateral systems
  • 84 Zone capability allows creation of more than 300,000 
  • Optimally Managed Irrigation Zones
  • “As Applied” Data is accurately logged and can be Graphed
  • Two Options for creating irrigation Prescriptions:
    • Use the Reinke VRI Prescription Program Software
    • Use third party precision data specialist’s software 
  • Fertigation Rxs can be created with the Reinke VRI Rx Program
  • Most any Reinke Touch Screen sold since 2009 can attain VRI with a painless firmware upgrade
  • Reinke VRI can be used on Most Any Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation System

Center Pivot VRI Options


Speed VRI is economically accomplished by segmenting the pivot path into multiple pie-like slices (sectors).  Each unique irrigation depth is accomplished by altering the pivot speed at each slice. The Rx may concentrate on the outer 30% to 50% of the pivot circle, which accounts for 50% to 75% of the total area within each slice. Each slice can be accurately proportioned down to one tenth of a degree (3,600 increments), to provide maximum control of the water being applied.  Base Application depth can be easily adjusted higher or lowerwithout changing the Rx.

Slice the Center Pivot Pie Thick or Thin



Zone VRI divides the pivot coverage area into two or more rings (zones) around the pivot point. Reinke VRI can control as many as 84 zones.  When combined with the segmenting sectors, an even higher level of precision is made possible by the creation of several to more than 300,000 independently managed zones within the field. Irrigation rates are achieved through individually controlled sprinkler banks, allowing an almost unlimited number of precision water application combinations.

Variable Frequency Drive Pumps may be required and are recommended to minimize pressure fluctuations from the changing rate of system flow resulting from turning a large number of sprinklers nearer the system end off at any one time.  Additional components are required for Zone    RI including independently controlledsprinkler valves, sprinkler control valve boxes and air compressor.


Be More Specific and Find New Potential


Reinke VRI Prescription Program Software

The Reinke VRI Rx Program software is available for use with every RPM Touch Screen panel to allow each grower the ability to personally create all needed irrigation prescriptions. Field information in the form of JPEG images representing yield data, soil variations, terrain changes, etc. can be used to determine the percentage of water to be applied at any location within the system coverage area of the field.

Arial images are easily imported into the VRI Rx Program software.  The turquoise shaded area in the examplebelow represents areas where reduced application amounts may be desired.


A Speed VRI Rx can now easily be created from the above image as shown below.  Sectors are incrementallyinserted to a tenth of a degree to divide the field into manageable areas that can be independently controlled.The areas unaffected can be quickly colored for 100% application.



The remaining sectors are then colored to match the desired percent reduction of water based on the total areawithin each sector as shown below. The greater the area is affected, the lighter the blue representing the lesser amount of water being applied.  The image displayed on the lower left corner of the screen shows the entire Rxarea at all times.













This example may be further improved on by using zones to apply less water to each of the specific areas asshown below.  This system is 1,974 feet in length and only 18 zones were utilized to create this prescriptionThe addition of more zones could easily be implemented to further define these areas to even greater detail.













Lateral Move VRI Options


Speed VRI is economically accomplished by segmenting the field into multiple strips parallel to the lateral move system. Each unique irrigation depth is accomplished by altering the lateral move speed at each strip. The Rx may concentrate on the greatest percent of area within each strip. Each parallel strip can vary down to one-foot in width to provide maximum control of the water being applied.  The Base Application Depth can beeasily adjusted higher or lower on the panel without changing the actual Rx.











Slice the Field into Manageable Strips

NOTE: This example is using a 1208 ft system with Strips averaging 42 feet wide.



Zone VRI divides the lateral move area into two or more strips (zones) perpendicular to the system length. Reinke VRI can control as many as 84 zones (perpendicular strips). When combined with the segmenting parallel strips, an even higher level of precision is made possible by the creation of several to more than 600,000 independently managed zones within the field. Irrigation rates are achieved through individually controlled sprinkler banks, allowing an almost unlimited number of water application combinations.

Variable Frequency Drive Pumps may be required to minimize pressure fluctuations from the changing rate of system flow resulting from turning a large number of sprinklers off at any one time. Additional components are required for Zone VRI including independently controlled sprinkler valves, sprinkler control valve boxes andair compressor.











Cut the Strips into Independent Zones

NOTE: Same example as above but with the addition of only 14 zones.

Third Party VRI Optimization Software

Requires the use of a professional service to gather soil, elevation data and other hard data to create multiple, extremely accurate prescriptions while also providing the ability to determine the approximate return on investment of both Sector and Zone VRI.

In just a few steps, your field topography goes from raw data, to a final prescription running on your RPMTouch Screen control panel.


1.   Collect Field Data - First, an electrical conductivity and RTK GPS elevation survey is conducted to determine topography and soil variables that are then stored as a high-resolution map of the field. These surveys are available through local independent soil sampling services.

2.   Identify Field Variability - The mapped field data can then be processed and analyzed by Precision Data Specialists, such as CropMetrics. They will identify factors related to water holding capacity, yield productivity, and specify the optimum locations for soil moisture monitoring in order to optimize the irrigation scheduling.

3. Optimize VRI Applications - Specialized agronomic software tools are then utilized to generate Speed VRI or Zone VRI prescriptions to optimize the water application.  These Precision Data Specialists will then continue to assist you throughout the growing season with additional prescriptions as needed.

Contact your Reinke Dealer for more information on how to get started with VRI today!